i am mohamed

I had to flee from my home country Yemen because of the war. I have lived in Belgium for 8 months now. I used to work in road construction. My dream is, one day, to work on my own farm.

Only last month my wife and 3 of my 4 children also safely arrived in Belgium. Needless to say I am a happy man. I live near Tolhuis in Gent and became a regular visitor of the Taalcafé four months ago. I always come by bike.

My Dutch is still rather poor, so it is important for me to practice. I love the relaxed, friendly and informal mentality of the Taalcafé. My eldest son Sai'id and my daughter Melak also attend the Taalcafé. They speak some English so they can be my interperter. My mother tongue is Arabic. Do you know there are three main "versions" of the Arabic language, depending on the region? Arabic in Saudi-Arabia is different from what people speak in Libya or Iraque, but we can understand each other. See you at Taalcafé Mundial?